Hanah Mountain Resort

Welcomes You To The Catskills

You're in the Catskill Mountains, or on your way there. It's time to relax and get ready for a trip full of fun. We've got fun for all seasons within minutes of Hanah Mountain Resort featuring our world class golf and dining. Waterfalls, mountain peaks and misty horizons across mountains, meadows to run in and wildlife everywhere. You never know what you'll find up here in The Catskills and The Hanah is a flower that blooms even in the Winter.  Come visit us for a magical Catskills Winter vacation.  Leaves of all colors falling in and resting on trees like patches of color against a blue sky, all around you. The Catskills are renowned for the Autumn Leaves and the amazing display The lush Catskill Forests put on as they fall asleep for the Winter. Don't miss this time up here in the Mountains. Hanah is the perfect perch to witness the Catskill Fall. Surrounded by lush forests and mountain peaks, waterfalls and creeks to enjoy the rain of color and food from this seasons harvest. Farmers markets are booming in the fall with the harvest up here in The Catskill Forest.


The Catskills are also excellent shopping in Spring, Summer Fall and Winter. You can find special shops, craft makers and artists in the towns scattered around the peaks. Holiday shopping in our local owned stores and shops you'll find local craftsmen and services you'll find nowhere else, get out and pick up some Catskill Maple Syrup or Honey. Or some antiques pulled from the countless old houses or a piece of work from one of the artists and artisans in these mountains. Around every corner is a treasure waiting for you and an adventure in the Catskill Forest on the way. The Hanah is a quick drive to most of the great arts towns including Woodstock and Bethel.  You can safely keep all your finds in your room at The Hanah while dining on our excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner.  


Within 5 minutes drive we've got ski slopes with world class snow sport rentals and slopes. Snow skiing and snowboarding, or snowmobiling, ice fishing and ice climbing. Once you arrive we'll be happy to point you in the right direction for quality Catskill Winter Sports and offer special deals from our affiliates all around these mountains.
The Catskills are known for great displays of nature all year and fresh powder falls all Winter, come and join us on the slopes. We'll have the fire going for you at Hanah to warm up when you're done. If you're not into adrenaline and the speedy snow stuff, you can just take the family out to enjoy the snow on our gorgeous grounds. Hanah is amazing in the winter and we welcome any and all snowman building. .  


The Catskill Mountains are incredibly romantic all year but especially in The Winter. Contact our Event team to schedule a Winter Wonderland Wedding or event. 

We hope to see you soon. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or comments.