Hole #2

A medium length par 4, with a creek that runs along the entire right side. The narrow green is guarded between the small pond on the left and the creek on the right. 






Hole #4

There’s a good possibility of a birdie on this par 5, dogleg left. Bunkers can be found on both sides of the fairway and green. With a good drive this par 5 can be reached in two shots!


Hole #6

Another medium length, scenic, par 4 that runs parallel to the East Branch of the Delaware on the left side, and neighbors a water hazard on the right. The green slopes from back to front and is guarded by a bunker on the left. 


Hole #8 

A good, long, tough par 5 with bunkers on both sides of the fairway and wetlands on the left. Long, narrow, kidney-shaped green guarded by a bunker on the left.


Hole #10 

A par 5 requiring three good golf shots. A small pond on the right side makes you cautious with the tee shot. The second shot has to go over a small stream. Usually plays into the wind, similar to our 9th hole. The green is guarded by bunkers front-right and back-left. 


Hole #12

This is a par 3 with an elevated green and another pond that runs from tee to green. The green slopes from right to left and has a bunker situated on the right side. To make the hole even more difficult there is out of bounds on the right side and in back of the green.


Hole #14

Another nice par 5. Left side is out of bounds from the tee to green. A small creek crosses the fairway and more bunkers on both sides guard this small green. 


Hole #16

This uphill par 4, dogleg right starts off with an elevated tee. Our most difficult green on the course can be found on this hole, severely sloping right to left. Keep your golf ball below the hole on the this green!


Hole #18

This is a medium length par 4, with a tee shot to a fairway that slopes severely from left to right. Another tough green to putt that slopes from left to right. 

Hole #1

A nice medium length par 4, a slight dogleg left. The East Branch of the Delaware River runs along the left side from tee to green. The green slopes from right to left with a bunker on the right side.


Hole #3

A tough little par 3 with water hazards in front of and on both sides of the green.


Hole # 5

This hole is a dogleg right, par 4, lined by pine trees on both sides. The kidney shaped green has a bunker and water on the left as well as water in the front.


Hole #7

A difficult par 3 with a green that slopes down on all sides away from the hole. Small bunker just short of the green on the right side. 


Hole #9

This is our toughest hole at Hanah Country Club. A fairway bunker guards both sides off the tee. The larger bunker in front of this hole makes running the ball on to the green difficult. A large pond encircles the back and right side of the green. 


Hole #11

This par 4 has a narrow landing area with ponds on the right and the river on the left. Hit it straight from the tee on this difficult hole! The green slopes from back to front with a bunker and pond on the right side.


Hole #13

This is our “terminator” hole and has ruined some good golf rounds in the past. The tee shot has to be carefully planned because of a pond dissecting the fairway. Water hazards guard both sides of the fairway as well. The green slopes from back to front and is guarded by bunkers on both sides.


HOle #15

This hole is a par 3. With the largest green on the golf course, good club selection for this hole is crucial. This green slopes from left to right and falls away quite steeply on the right side. “Tough two putt”.


Hole #17

A good drive on this “risk reward” par 4 can put your ball on the putting surface; but be cautious of the out of bounds and bunkers down the right and in back of the green. This is the most scenic tee shot on the course, especially in october.