Hanah Mountain Resort & Country Club is committed to reasonable pace of play expectations for all guests. Here are some contributing factors to slow play. Please refrain from any of these practices.

1. Not arriving at the facility on time. You should be checking in at the front desk a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time.
2. Not arriving at the first tee on time. If you miss your tee time you will be moved back to the next available Tee time.
3. Not warming up before your round starts.
4. Hitting “Mulligans”.
5. Playing the wrong (too difficult) tees.
6. Once you have reached Double Par pick the ball up and move on.
7. Searching for a golf balls in hazards, No ball retrievers on the golf
8. Parking carts in the wrong position around the greens.
9. Discussions about scoring at the green.
10. “Honors” – let the short hitter hit first.
11. Congregating in the fairways. Don’t watch your fellow competitors hit EVERY one of their shots.
12. Limit practice swings to no more than 2 per shot.
13. Food and drinks at the turn are grab and go. Don’t sit down and eat. Take your food with you and eat while you play. If you fall out of position you will be asked to skip a portion of the course to catch back up.



Hanah Mountain Resort & Country Club is committed to reasonable pace of play expectations for all guests. In an effort to make rounds of golf enjoyable for all golfers, we employ the following policies regarding Pace of Play…

1. Please always play READY GOLF.
2. We require rounds to be played in 4 hours and 30 minutes or less.
3. We will have staff members on the golf course monitoring all guests pace of play.
4. Keep in position by keeping up with the group in front of you.
5. Should you fall out of position during your round we will ask you to please improve your pace of play.
6. We will ask you to pick up your pace a minimum of two times should you fall out of position.
7. If any group does not return to an appropriate position on the golf course within a reasonable amount of time, we WILL ask you to skip to a portion of the golf course to create that condition.
This policy is practiced with the intent of maintaining a reasonable pace of play for all Guests. Please help us stop slow play.



To assist you in keeping up with the group in front of you, please follow
the Ready Golf Rules outlined below.

On The Tee

1. The player who is ready should hit.
2. Shorter hitters should hit first.
3. Tee-off as soon as the group ahead is clear.
4. Carry an extra ball in your pocket.

On The Fairway

5. HIT WHEN READY & Safe: do NOT use honor system.
6. Take appropriate clubs to your ball(bring multiple clubs) and HIT WITHOUT DELAY.
7. Have your group watch where your shot goes.
8. Limit search for lost ball to 3 minutes.

On The Green

9. Place your clubs between you and your cart.
10. Study your putt while others are putting.
11. Continue putting until holed out.
12. If you are playing catch-up, leave the green immediately after holing
out and proceed to the next tee. Complete your scorecard after you are
off the green.

On Par 3 Greens

13. Upon reaching the green, if the group in front of you is waiting to hit
on the next tee, stand in a safe area and have the group behind you hit.

Short Cuts

14. Mark your score on the way to the next tee.
15. When driving a cart, drop your partner at their ball, then continue to

Remember, slow play affects everyone. Please cooperate for the
enjoyment of all.